Is Oprah A Feminist?

It Just Hit Me!

Posted on: December 2, 2010

     I was just sitting on my bed watching an interview of Chris Rock on The Late Show after giving up on my final pitch. I just couldn’t come up with a topic that was specific and interesting enough to do a project on, until the last two minutes of this video (below). When I heard what Chris Rock had to say about Oprah, it just hit me! Is Chris Rock trying to say that Oprah is a feminist?I sat back back and started to think, hard. Does oprah really convey feminist ideas? Does she empower women in a feminist way? Has she ever talked about feminism?

     No doubt Oprah is one of the most powerful woman in America and she does deal with a lot of women issues such as weight loss, sex and relationships, beauty and abuse. Although men can also fit into almost all these categories , Oprah seems to target women much more. But does this in any way prove that Oprah could be a feminsit? Maybe she does what she does because she has the power. I think no one deals with women issues better than her and I believe she realizes that. Empowering women especially through the media, which is run under a patriarchal society, requires A LOT of power. Oprah has that power!


4 Responses to "It Just Hit Me!"

In a way Oprah is feminist because she is trying to support all the women who cant not support them selves or she is trying to help women to stand up for themselves. but she does also help men who have problems…i guess like in one of her episodes she tried helping a man who was an alcoholic to stop. and plus, most of her views are females … who i think she favors the women more…may be

LOL at what he said about the guy apologizing at the end in Oprah’s show. I think all women have that inside them. There’s a bit of feminism in every woman. As for Oprah, I think she is. More than half of her shows dealt with women.

I read her biography. Very tragic. So according to her life especially her personal experiences I would she is to some point.

She looks feminist in her program otherwise she abandoned Feminism 2 years ago by endorsing Obama against Hillary Clinton.
It is a televisual feminism.

I don’t think she is and she isn’t. If you want to see feminism then you should come visit the elite and the secular here in Pakistan. They’ve gone nuts. To me she’s moderate. Off course every one has their experiences and she has had some bad ones with men. But I don’t think she actually hates men. I think she wants women to be a little more powerful in case anything happens to them and they become handicapped or depressed or down, etc like she was not at like this before.
But off course if you ask ammi she’s the same like Oprah!=D
So it all depends on experiences. And then if you ask me I blame women more than men. That’s a whole different discussion though.
There is no such thing as being a typical housewife in Islam either. Nor is marriage compulsory on both genders plus women have more favours in this part. So….the point is women have everything in their hands. If they only knew how to use their power and not waste it. they don;t need Oprah to be solving their matters. Just a little help from the experienced.

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